Expert opinion on Reparation claims

2.8 The State treaty with austria of May 15, 1955

Austria was not re-created with the State Treaty of May 15, 1955.


This Treaty was signed under Statute of Occupation and was therefore not a free will decision. It was, in principle, an employment contract in which the employees determine their representation and thus take responsibility for their compliance with the contract.


That this "employment contract / State Treaty is not a peace treaty that ends the war and thus regulates reparations issues is evident from this Treaty itself. It is pointed out in this State Treaty that a peace treaty with Germany still has to be concluded and that the other peace treaties already concluded, for example with Hungary and Romania, are to be recognized.


If the Austrians do not comply with this contract, they lose their validity. The legal relationships re-enter before the contract is concluded.


The terms of the State Treaty.


Article 4 Prohibition of union


Article 6 Human Rights


Article 9 Dissolution of Nazi Organizations

Note: Nazi organizations are those who apply National Socialist law.


Article 10 Special Clauses on Legislation

1.  Austria undertakes to maintain ....,already taken or begun since 1st May, 1945, to codify and give effect to the principles set out in Articles 6, 8 and 9 of the present Treaty, and insofar as she has not yet done so to repeal or amend all legislative and administrative measures adopted between 5th March, 1933, and 30th April, 1945, which conflict with the principles set forth in Articles 6, 8 and 9.


Article 11 Recognition of Peace Treaties

Austria undertakes to recognize the full force of the Treaties of Peace with Italy,1 Roumania,2 Bulgaria,3 Hungary,4 and Finland5 and other agreements or arrangements which have been or will be reached by the Allied and Associated Powers in respect of Germany and Japan6 for the restoration of peace.


These provisions of the State Treaty are infringed. This is already documented by it alone and can be easily understood by everyone, because no court decisions are handed over signed by the judge.



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