»A Constitution for Germany«

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because in Germany - especially in the Federal State of Bavaria - unlawful, dependent and biased judges act contrary to occupation law.

The result of this

  All countries which are contracting parties of the FRG become liable:

With the verdicts of these illegal judges, who also refuse to sign their responsible signatures on their verdicts, all those who implement these verdicts become liable. The FRG has concluded international treaties with many other countries, in which the contracting parties assume that the FRG is a constitutional state.

This includes, for example, as an EU state, here e.g. the European Convention on Extradition or the Extradition Agreement of the EU with the USA. This means that the entire world population is involved and liable if contractual partners of the FRG enforce such judgments that have come about arbitrarily.

Through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN and the European Convention on Human Rights Art. 6 such judges were also excluded. Since the EU cannot name us a court in which these conditions are fulfilled - our complaint at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg with more than 200 pages of evidence in the annexes was shredded at this court - a class action is hereby filed for an area of justice, security and freedom in Europe.

In the Basic Law for the FRG - occupation law - illegal, dependent and biased judges were excluded.

Therefore a lawsuit has been filed at the District Court of Columbia, Washington D.C. This lawsuit is a public document, as is customary in the USA as a constitutional state, publicly available to everyone. Easy access is provided by a private site: pacermonitor.

So that everyone can get an idea of the extent of the case: In this lawsuit we are listing at least 18 different international treaties that have been broken.

The entire post-war order was thus destroyed.