The arbitrariness of the FRG

Table of Contents


1. International law with regard to legal, independent and impartial courts


2. Domestic laws of the FRG on legal, independent and impartial courts


3. The reality in the FRG

     3.1 Dependent judges in the FRG

           3.1.1 Parliamentary election

           3.1.2 Election of judges


            Appointment of judges by an authority

            Judges are subject to a political authority in disciplinary proceedings

      3.2 Biased courts in the FRG

      3.3 Unlawful judges in the FRG

            3.3.1 Legal provisions

            3.3.2 The roster allocating court business


4. The consequences of dependent judges

     4.1 The missing signatures of these judges

             4.1.1 Legal provisions

             4.1.2 False authentications

             4.1.3 False stamps

             4.1.4 Who is liable?

      4.2 Falsifying of court records

            4.2.1 Legal provisions on keeping minutes

            4.2.2 Absence of witness testimonies

            4.2.3 The reality in the courtroom and in the court record

            4.2.4 Conclusion

     4.3 Absence of second instance

            4.3.1 Legal provisions

            4.3.2 Conclusion - the FRG is not in conformity with EU law


5. Conclusion - the FRG acts as German Reich