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Reparation Claims                                                      free City of Danzig/Federal republic of germany

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Translation into English by Mrs. Karin Leffer.





1. The London Dept Agreement 

2. The Treaties annexed to the London Debt Agreement 

    2.1 Concerning the capacity to be a party to legal proceedings         

    2.2 Concerning the legal hierarchy 

    2.3 The Hague Land Warfare Convention (HLWC/ Hague IV.)

    2.4 The Treaty of Versailles

    2.5 The Moscow Declaration of 1943 

    2.6 The Potsdam Agreement 

    2.7 The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany 

          2.7.1 Article 116

          2.7.2 The „Gleichschaltungsgesetze“

          2.7.3 The Reich and Nationality Law of 1913 

          2.7.4 Summary „German in the sense of the Basic Law is...“ 

          2.7.5 The Law for Renouncement of the

                   German Nationality from 22.02.1955 

    2.8 The State Treaty with Austria of May 15, 1955 

    2.9 The Two-plus-Four Treaty on Germany (September 12, 1990) 

    2.10 As long as the question of the Free City of Danzig is not

           clarified, there can be no peace treaty 

3. The capacity to be a party to legal proceedings

4. Conclusion 

    4.1 Enemy state clauses 

Appendix Law Collection