Expert opinion on reparation claims

1. London Dept agreement

Article 5 Claims excluded from the Agreement

(1) Consideration of governmental claims against Germany arising out of the first World War shall be deferred until a final general settlement of this matter.

(2) Consideration of claims arising out of the second World War by countries which were at war with or were occupied by Germany during that war, and by nationals of such countries, against the Reich and agencies of the Reich, including costs of German occupation, credits acquired during occupation on clearing accounts and claims against the Reichskreditkassen shall be deferred until the final settlement of the problem of reparation.


Article 25 Action on reunification of Germany

The parties to the present Agreement will review the present Agreement on the reunification of Germany exclusively for the purpose of-

(a) implementing the provisions of the Annexes to the present Agreement regarding adjustments to be made in respect of specific debts upon such reunification, except in so far as such provisions are to become automatically operative upon that event; and

(b) making the provisions of the present Agreement applicable to the debts of persons residing in the area reunited with the Federal Republic of Germany; and

(c) making equitable adjustments in respect of debts in the settlement of which consideration is given to the loss of or inability to use assets located in the area reunited with the Federal Republic of Germany.


This seems to be a clear regulation.

But this regulation only becomes clear to anyone who knows the history of the last 100 years and the international treaties that are part of this agreement.

The legal hierarchy based on logic must be observed.




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