Expert opinion on reparation claims

2.4 The treaty of versailles

The next treaty to know is the Treaty of Versailles. This Treaty, with the founding of the League of Nations and thus the Permanent International Court of Justice with the International Labor Organization, is a treaty of global importance.


With Article 100 of this Treaty, the German Reich renounces the territory of the Free City of Danzig in favor of the Allied and Associated Main Victorious Powers.


In Article 102 of the Treaty, these States undertake to found the sovereign state Free City of Danzig. This is placed under the protection of the League of Nations,


Under Article 103 of the Treaty, the Constitution of that State is guaranteed by the League of Nations.


According to Article 49 of the Free City of Danzig Constitution, this Constitution cannot be changed without the express consent of the League of Nations.


Thus a world nationality was founded. So any visa-free could enter the Free City of Danzig. Approximately 620.000 citizens of Jewish faith were thus able to escape political persecution. It is said that without the Free City of Danzig there would be no State of Israel.


Without the provision that the Constitution could only be changed with the express consent of the League of Nations, citizens of the Jewish faith could have made the Free City of Danzig their state. Only 1.5 times the population of Danzig, who used this city to escape terror, were of Jewish faith.


Thus, desires of the German Reich were there to let the power in Danzig get into German hands. The leader of the Danzig NSDAP did not even have the Danzig nationality. In power, they introduced the arbitrary paragraph 2 of the National Socialist Criminal Code. Under the Treaty of Versailles, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland then announced that it would take over the executive in the Free City of Danzig. The case went to the Supreme Constitutional Court of the Free City of Danzig, the Permanent International Court of Justice in The Hague. This decided with the judgment Series A / B No. 65 that the Free City of Danzig is a constitutional state and that § 2 is to be put back into the old form.


In 1938, Austria joined the German Reich without resistance, thus becoming extinct under international law.


The Free City of Danzig was the first target of the German Reich - Charge No. 1 of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. The population of Danzig was forcibly granted the nationality of the German Reich and the male population forced into military service against its own protecting powers and thus enslaved. Finally, the unfortified city of Danzig was declared a fortress, so that the protection under Article 25 of the Hague IV. Convention was repealed and thus ordered the annihilation - Charge No. 2 of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.


Not all Danziger have followed the pressure to integrate into the German Wehrmacht. Some went to the concentration camp instead. Others have submerged and at the risk of their lives have made civil resistance (according to the Danzig Constitution, which itself prohibits the adoption of orders) through activities affecting armed forces.


The German Reich has been extinguished by the house-to-house combat for Berlin under international law. Berlin was effectively declared a fortress during the house-to-house combat in Berlin. A fortress enjoys no protection. It can be completely destroyed, with all the life in it. What applies to the capital applies to the rest of the country.


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