Expert opinion on reparation claims


Repairs / damages are to be paid so that legal peace and legal security can be restored in Germany and thus in Europe.



First, the legal judges according to the provisions of Article 101 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, were replaced by unlawful, extraordinary judges (except the federal state of Baden-Württemberg). Then the judges at the Bamberg Higher Regional Court / Bavaria and the Coburg Regional Court were clearly deprived of independence under Article 97 of the Basic Law. The Public Prosecutor's Office Bavaria / Bamberg General Public Prosecutor´s Office / Coburg Public Prosecutor´s Office has violated the European Convention on Extradition, Article 14 towards the Swiss Confederation. The responsible General Public Prosecutor Lückemann of the Bamberg Higher Regional Court and Mr. Chief Public Prosecutor Lohneis of the Coburg Regional Court were appointed as the disciplinary superiors of the unlawful judges who should now decide on this violation of international law. This can be read on the official website of the Bavarian Ministry of State. It is pointed out on the same page that the critics are threatened with death. This is proven and therefore no empty threat.

Obviously, both the EU and the European Court of Human Rights are not in a position to change this.

It is the assigned task of the nationals of the Free City of Danzig to restore the constitutional conditions. This can be enforced only on reparations, or rather damages.


The London Debt Agreement of 1953 is a remarkable treaty under international law because it was bindingly agreed that reparations for damages from the Second World War are yet to be paid. With this clarification that only the reparations from the First World War are regulated in this Agreement, the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria could be granted a partial sovereignty.


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