The political persecution

Extract from the book:                                      "Project World Peace Treaty"

(In preparation - not yet published)

Volume 1: the political persecution

©2020 by Beowulf von Prince, Karin Leffer



How von Prince's family even came to Germany
1. How it all began: in 1999 justice was still being done
2. The alleged fraud
    A.The hearing at the Coburg District Court at first instance
    B. The protocol falsification
3. Guess how Mr. von Prince knew that the minutes were falsified?
4.+5. Multiple criminal charges brought by witnesses
6. Four reminders to correct the minutes
7. The foundation of the Federation for the Law
8. The second instance before the Coburg Regional Court and the withdrawal of the      

    lawyer's admission to the bar due to an enforcement action
9. Why the laws are no longer respected
10. Order of summary punishment for alleged trespassing in Zeickhorn
11. The execution of a penalty order
12. The destruction of economic existence
       A. by rededication of the plots
       B. by seizure of the pension far below the social assistance rate
       C. by the withdrawal of the brokerage licence
       D.  The forcible acceptance of the affidavit
       E. The forced sale
13. What arbitrariness is possible
       A. A policewoman no longer participates and is permanently assigned full pay in the    
           Holiday sent
       B. The allegation of Title Misuse
       C. House ban in the prison
       D. Reports to the police in Coburg
       E. Serving of community service

       F. Event at the Munich Hofbräu in Coburg
14.The weapons proceedings

       A. The revocation of the gun permit

       B. A trial for alleged illegal ownership of firearms
15. Proceedings for trespassing at the Forchheim Tax Office
        A. The head of the Forchheim Tax Office cannot be identified...
        B. If one´s no longer know whether he/she is employed or a civil servant