The political persecution

4. Beo in Hospital

Actually, Beo had been suffering from pain in his thigh for weeks, which turned out to be phlebitis. So after the trial, he had to go to hospital. There was to be an operation.....


He was already lying on the bed completely prepared and was driven to the operating room. When the anaesthetic was to be administered to him and he was to be transferred to the operating table, he asked for the date. Beo went through a shock. It was the last day he could appeal against Judge Bauer's decision. There was no way he could have an operation. He literally jumped off the operating couch at the last second, got dressed and hurriedly left the hospital to write his appeal.


5. Multiple charges brought by witnesses

For these reasons, witnesses have repeatedly reported falsification of the court record:


- at the State Office of Criminal Investigation in Munich


- with the then Bavarian Minister President Stoiber


- with the then Bavarian Interior Minister Beckstein


- finally, on February 26, 2007, shortly before the hearing in the second instance at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution by a witness of the hearing


Since he did not pay back the amount of 15.000,-€ to Mrs. Hain - with this he would have admitted that he had committed this alleged fraud - and Mrs. Hain had used the property for months with the specially erected fence and the doghouse, his pension was completely illegally seized for years far below the social welfare rate. A total amount of 42.000,-€ was executed and transferred to Mrs. Hain.


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