expert opinion on reparation claims

3. capacity to be a party to legal proceedings

In the German Reich arbitrary laws were introduced and thus the rule of law was repealed. The German Reich has violated all international treaties - see Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Who breaks a contract, can not rely on its compliance.


With the house-to-house combat for Berlin the German Reich under international law ceased to exist. No national can rely on compliance with international law. No national of the German Reich has the capacity to be a party to legal proceedings as a plaintiff or defendant in court against another nationals.


The nationals of the German Reich only obtained the right to be a party through the declaration of self-commitment/the Basic Law, Article 133: „The Federation shall enter into the rights and obligations of the United Economic Area.“ This self-commitment applies towards the nationals of the Free City of Danzig. Reparation claims, such as the Greeks, could therefore always be fended off, since nationals of Danzig entitled to reparations - see Article 5.2 of the London Debt Agreement.


With the abolition of the legal judges under Article 101 of the Basic Law, which then also the independence was withdrawn in violation of Article 97 of the Basic Law, these judges are not judges of the Basic Law, no Germans within the meaning of the Basic Law. They are definitely again judges of the nationals of the German Reich, who here presumptuous seize in the sovereign rights of the Swiss Confederation.


On the basis of a purely Swiss proceedings, which Switzerland has condemned as a political persecution and thereby declared it to be an incurably void administrative act, they issue an European Arrest Warrant, which must be enforced by the other EU countries unchecked.


Thus, the other EU countries also violate international law and go into joint liability.

Thus, the nationals of the German Reich extend their arbitrary law of the German Reich on Europe and thus still win the Second World War. The nationals of the Free City of Danzig are persecuted by force, with the aim of total annihilation, as at the beginning of hostilities. The arbitrary laws of the German Reich is transferred to the other EU countries, the goal of the German Reich.


Neither the EU nor the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is changing this. Why not?


Who has which capacity to be a party to legal proceedings before which court, because of the mentioned offenses?


In principle, with the unlawful, non-permitted extraordinary judges cannot be judicial hearings  conducted without violating the European Convention on Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.


These unlawful extraordinary judges had an arrest carried out in breach of Article 14 of the European Convention on Extradition. According to Swiss law commentary, Switzerland would have to sue before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. But against whom? Those who violate it are no longer Germans within the meaning of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany.


The Federal Republic of Germany is defined by the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. The population of the Federal Republic of Germany, however, no longer submits to the law of the statutory judges under Art. 116 of the Basic Law, but unlawful, unauthorized extraordinary judges, which the nationals of the Free City of Danzig only because of their nationality captive, with the aim of total annihilation. This in public. There is no resistance against it.


The author still learned at school: "Defend the beginning." And why there are civil servants. From the politics Germans are told: "Against forgetting." The Germans relate this only to anti-Semitism, but not to the charges 1 and 2 of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. They should remember how a people where good faith is already a people's mentality could become a people of criminals. How the people of the poets and thinkers could be so deceived that they marched into their own downfall.


There are no brown thugs driving through the streets, the opposition beat up. There is no economic need. And yet the Germans bow again obvious injustice. This submission under arbitrariness is not only a free will decision, it is a breach of duty - see Article 25 of the Basic Law.


This does not create a capacity to be a party in court, but means the loss of party capacity in court.




Precisely for this case, the Enemy State Clauses of the Charter of the United Nations were created.


Who is entitled to declare them effective? Only those affected by the hostilities of the German Reich. Thus, while human rights and sovereign powers of Switzerland were and still are violated. However, only the nationals of the Free City of Danzig are affected and this is unashamedly admitted.


Proposals submitted to other states for the execution of reparations / damages by the representatives of the Free City of Danzig shall be enforced according to the United Nations Enemy States Clauses.

The proof, the legitimacy for enforcement provides the Arrest Warrant of Sept.19, 2013, Case Number 1 KLs 123 Js 3979/11.




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