Complaint in the District Court of Columbia, Washington D.C.

In the USA, all documents filed with the court and all deadlines are published as befits a public hearing.

This means that our documents can be viewed by everyone - once in court and once on a privately financed internet platform, the pacermonitor:

What is the purpose of the action?

The lawsuit filed in the District Court of Columbia, Washington D.C., Case Number 1:19-cv-03529-CJN, preceded the class-action. With this lawsuit we prove that there is no court in Europe that guarantees the requirements of the UN Human Rights, the EU Human Rights and the Basic Law for the FRG to have independent, legal and impartial judges.

The unimplemented 2+4 Treaty

The reason for this is that the 2+4 Treaty was never implemented - see Doc. No. 6.

This Treaty contains two conditions. One of them is that the FRG gives itself a constitution. Why and how no constitution was made and the consequences we have summarized in the complaint.
There are now several possibilities: Implementation of the 2+4 Treaty or peace treaty.

If the FRG takes the position that it does not have to comment on this complaint, others will decide. But then not only about a constitution, but also about compensation and reparations. The FRG then has no more say in the matter.
We have not only once submitted a constitution to the FRG. It had the chance to come to the negotiating table.
According to the 2+4 Treaty, the Allies would have waived reparations. Then Poland or Greece would not have had a claim either. Since this treaty was not fulfilled, the reparations are still outstanding.
Whoever joins the class-action will have a say. Anyone who thinks that unlawful, dependent and biased judges are enough for him and is therefore not interested in the class-action has no right to vote. Someone who waives his rights, who does not stand up for his rights, has no rights.

Document No. 1

The purpose of this action is to establish that US courts have jurisdiction to hear actions for violation of occupation law; here: inter alia, unlawful, dependent and biased judges in the FRG
Klage District Court engl. certif. last
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Document No. 2  Exhibits of Doc. 1

Exhibits 1-16, German and English, 78 pages
Complaint Distr. Court of Columbia, Wash
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Exhibits 17-21, German and English, 91 pages
Complaint Distr. Court of Columbia, Wash
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Documents 3 + 4, motion of the EU to dismiss the complaint, filed March 2, 2020

Remarkable: Although the EU claims that the complaint was not properly served, it makes an exception here and only here. However, it denies the jurisdiction of the US courts and invokes an alleged immunity.
In a nutshell, this means that the defendant is breaking all contracts with the plaintiffs, thereby violating their immunity, and then refuses to hear about it with an alleged immunity of its own.
A court before which the plaintiffs could instead bring an action is not appointed that fulfils the conditions of the contracts that the plaintiffs have with the defendants, namely that of a legal, independent and impartial judge.
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Document No. 6, amendment of the complaint: 2 + 4 Treaty was not implemented, filed  March 26, 2020

Application to supplement the action; here: 2+4 Treaty was not implemented and is therefore null and void.
Antrag Ergänz. engl. m. begl. Unterschr
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Exhibit of Doc. 6, Application to supplement the action
Revision engl.1.12.2019_REV_final_revise
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Document No. 9 Motion of the Kingdom of Belgium to dismiss the complaint, filed March 25, 2020

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Document No. 10 Motion of the FRG to dismiss the complaint, filed March 25, 2020

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Document No. 11, Order of the Court, the amendment of the complaint is granted

Document No. 13, Plaintiffs answer to the motion of the EU, Doc. 3+4

13-WashingtonEU engl. in Formbl.-28.3.20
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Document No. 14, Motion to request for default of Defendant Swiss Confederation

in English and German
14-SWISS Motion default judgment April 2
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14-SWISS Motion default judgm.-exhibits
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Document No. 15 Plaintiffs answer to the motion (doc. 10) of the FRG

in English and German
and exhibits
15-Memorandum FRG - April 20,2020.pdf
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Document No. 16 Plaintiffs answer to the motion ((doc. 9) of the Kingdom of Belgium

in English and German
and exhibits
16-Memorandum BE engl.deu. miit Untersch
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Document No. 17, Reply of the Kingdom of Belgium (doc. 16)

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Document Nr. 18, Reply of the EU (doc. 13)

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Document No. 19, Reply of the FRG (doc. 15)

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Document No. 20, Emergency application of the Plaintiffs

20-Emergency application May 27,2020 eng
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Document No. 21, Motion for an enforceable deed

21-Motion enforceable deed engl.deu prop
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Document No. 22, Memorandum in opposition of the Defendant FRG, re Doc. 20

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Document No. 23, Memorandum in Opposition of the Defedant FRG, RE Doc. 21

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Document no. 24, Reply to Opposition to Motion Re Doc. No. 20

Emergency application May 27,2020.pdf
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Document No. 25, Reply to opposition to motion re Doc. 21

Reply to FRG´s oppos.enforceable deedeng
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Document No. 26, Motion for Joinder of Parties

Motion joinder DA- USA-Polen germ. Aug.4
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Document No. 27, Motion for Joinder of parties

Motion joinder USA Karin engl. + Exhib.+
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Document No. 28, Order of the Judge

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Document No. 29, Memorandum of the Judge

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Document No. 31, Supplement Memorandum EU

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Document No. 33, Answer on the ORDER, Motion on a notice of appeal

Answer order 15.04.2021.pdf
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Document No. 35, Answer on the ORder concerning EU

Answer EU on Order ECF 28 engl.germ.May
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The judge upheld the 2nd instance - US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit

Document No. 37, concerning EU

Answer on Order May 20,2021.pdf
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